Prospect steers and heifers

Each fall, we have steers and heifers for sale by private treaty. Here are some pictures of our past offerings.

Fall 2021 Prospect Steers

Fall 2020


Fall 2017

Tag 12           Dam: Angus X          Sire: Ready 2 Rumble

Fall 2016

Tag 25: Cody Sibbald Legacy Classic Light Weight Champion Steer

2 thoughts on “Prospect steers and heifers

  1. Just wondering if still have any 4-h steers and how much thanks

    1. Hi Sheryl, we have sold all the steers we had for sale this year. If you like, you can leave us your contact information so we can call you next year to let you know about the prospect steers we’ll have for sale. You can email us at or respond to this comment. Thanks!

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